Thursday, 25 March 2010

Open (Breakfast) Quesadilla

Although I've called this a breakfast quesadilla, you could easily make it for lunch or dinner by omitting the eggs if you wanted.

I love Mexican Tex-Mex food (I say Tex-Mex because I haven't ever had traditional Mexican food, only the Westernized versions).  As previously declared, breakfast dishes are amongst my favorites - so why not combine one of my favorite cusines with my favorite meal of the day?  This meal is easily adapted with whatever you have on hand, and can be made meat-friendly by adding some chopped bacon or sausages, however, I don't think the meat will be missed much in this one because the beans and eggs are high in protein and super-filling.

I know this isn't actually a quesadilla since there's only one tortilla and it's not folded...actually it's more like a giant tostada (although the base isn't crispy like in a tostada).  This meal actually evolved from lunchtime quesadillas so that's why I've continued refer to it as such - but since it's neither here nor there I shall continue calling it an open quesadilla.
Open Breakfast Quesadilla
serves 1-2 (depending on greediness)

1 large tortilla
1/4 cup black beans - drained and rinsed
2 eggs - scrambled to your liking (or you could fry/poach them and put them on top)
1 small tomato - diced
a couple mushrooms - thinly sliced
a few thin slices of peppers
a couple chilies - finely chopped (if you like it spicy)
small handful black olives - sliced
2 spring/green onions - chopped (if you don't have these you could substitute thinly sliced red onion)
small handful grated cheese
small handful coriander/cilantro - roughly chopped
1/2 avocado - chopped

Put tortilla on a baking tray and lightly grill in oven on both sides.  Pile on toppings (apart from the coriander and avocado), finishing with cheese.  Place under grill until cheese is melted.  Top with chopped coriander and avocado.

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